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contract webEmployers nowadays seem to be looking more and more for new and interesting ways of incentivising, motivating and looking after their staff. We all know that "money talks" but can businesses actually achieve more by offering less conventional perks?

Maybe we can learn from businesses overseas when it comes to this sort of thing.

Did you know?


  • Workers in Japan can now take naps to increase productivity
  • One German company introduced an auto-delete function for emails while employees are on holiday, saying they needed a proper rest from work
  • Online electrical retailer AO has allocated members of staff to plan parties to boost happiness
  • Amazon in the US announced an initiative to pay unhappy workers up to $5,000 to leave rather than having them spreading negative feeling
  • Employees of Facebook have access to ice cream shops?!

Perhaps the award for the most weird and wonderful ideas goes to Google who, as well as offering employees free beer and wine on Fridays and a free concierge service to run errands for them, actually allows its employees to bring their pet to work! Not so bad if your colleague owns a Chihuahua; not so good if they've got a pet python!

We think it may be a while before these kinds of staff incentives really catch on in the UK – so looks like we'll be sticking to health care and gym memberships when it comes to drafting contracts or employee benefit schemes for now.